Compression Therapy  $50 per session
Muscle & Tendon Alignment

Body Evaluation Assessment $75
An evaluation of the physical body as well as discussion of proper nutrition and muscle testing, then an assessment of how to move forward from that point.

Personal Training  $260 & $350 per month
General Conditioning- for many this is simply getting into shape, for others this involves weight loss, or muscular gain. 2x-3x per week depending on package. 

Muscular Re-Education $75 per hour
Many times when a muscle has been traumatized it must be re-educated to perform its job efficiently without pain or spasm. This involves several techniques unique to this treatment.

Connective Tissue Strengthening  $450 per month
This is a protocol designed to strengthen not only the muscles, but the tendons and ligaments. This protocol could/can be the difference between pain free movement and eventual joint replacement surgery.

Exercise Therapy $460 & $550 per month
A program designed to treat and aid people dealing with chronic pain associated with an atrophied muscle or range of motion. Perfect for preventing pre or post surgery. 2x-3x per week depending on package.